Sunday Bracketology


This will be the second to last Bracketology, and the last one until Thursday (or maybe Friday, not sure).

A reminder of procedures: my bracket below is how I believe the field will look when it is announced, not how it would look if the season ended today.

Conference tournament champs get an automatic bid (obviously).

Teams who host a regional must be slotted into their host region if they make the field.

This year’s hosts are:

West: CCHA

Midwest: Michigan Tech

East: Yale

Northeast: New Hampshire


1. Yale

4. RIT

2. Merrimack

3. Minnesota-Duluth


1. Boston College

4. Dartmouth

2. Denver

3. New Hampshire

Midwest/Green Bay

1. Miami

4. Boston U

2. Michigan

3. Union

West/St. Louis

1. North Dakota

4. Western Michigan

2. Notre Dame

3. Colorado College

The bubble is pretty much a mess this week, so I am perfectly willing to admit that this bracket is a bit of a shot in the dark. A lot is dependent on what happens in the Colorado College/Wisconsin game, the BU/Northeastern game, and  the Western Michigan/Ferris State game.

By losing to Bemidji State, Nebraska-Omaha is probably going to be out. It is possible that they can still make it, as they are still tied for 12th in the Pairwise, but they need some help.

It appears I jinxed Minnesota by putting them in yesterday, but with their loss to UAA last night it’s just not going to happen.

My projected Frozen Four this week would be: Duluth, Denver, Miami, North Dakota. Nothing against Yale and BC there, the lone 1 seeds I don’t have in, I just think Duluth and Denver are playing very well right now, especially the Pioneers.