I decided I am going to whip up quick Bracketologies today and tomorrow after the playoff games, along with its regular time on Thursdays. No intro necessary today, as I’m sure you all know the drill. For the record, your site hosts that matter are Yale hosting in Bridgeport and New Hampshire hosting in Manchester.


1. Yale

4. RIT

2. Merrimack

3. Wisconsin


1. Boston College

4. Minnesota

2. Denver

3. New Hampshire

Midwest/Green Bay

1. Michigan

4. Dartmouth

2. Miami

3. Minnesota-Duluth

West/St. Louis

1. North Dakota

4. Boston U

2. Union

3. Notre Dame


Currently I have a couple probably surprising team out of the tournament, most notably Nebraska-Omaha. I am no Pairwise expert, and I didn’t do totally exhaustive calculations, but if they don’t win their next two games against Bemidji their chances of getting into the tournament are very very slim. I don’t want to put a ton of weight on a 5 game sample, but they haven’t beaten the Beavers yet this year.

Minnesota also needs two wins to make it into the Final Five and probably the NCAA tournament, but if they beat Anchorage the Seawolves have a better chance of retaining their TUC status and I think the Gophers can flip comparisons with both Western Michigan and Maine. If Colorado College defeats Wisconsin in their playoff series that could cause a bit of a logjam towards the bottom with CC replacing Wisconsin, but that is starting to make my head hurt.

I think I’m going to stick with this, but you could easily put Maine, Western Michigan or Omaha in here, and depending on results RPI still has a decent chance as well.

For the record, I would go with Merrimack, BC, Miami and North Dakota as my Frozen Four this week.