Week three of Bracketology has arrived. The bubble is as murky as ever, with as many as 6 teams gunning for those final 2 spots in the bracket. As such, I have to do a little playoff predicting in trying to decide who will sneak in, and who will move around in the bracket itself. Yale’s lead on the #1 overall seed has gotten a bit more tenuous, and a run to the WCHA title for North Dakota combined with a couple losses to TUCs for Yale should see those two flip.

If you’re new, a procedural reminder:

My bracket below is how I believe the field will look when it is announced, not how it would look if the season ended today.

Conference tournament champs get an automatic bid (obviously).

Teams who host a regional must be slotted into their host region if they make the field.

This year’s hosts are:

West: CCHA

Midwest: Michigan Tech

East: Yale

Northeast: New Hampshire


1. Yale

4. RIT

2. Merrimack

3. Notre Dame


1. Boston College

4. Dartmouth

2. Denver

3. New Hampshire

West/St. Louis

1. North Dakota

4. RPI

2. Union

3. Nebraska-Omaha

Midwest/Green Bay

1. Michigan

4. Colorado College

2. Miami

3. Minnesota-Duluth

I had to make a couple gut calls with this week’s bracket, notably Miami getting a #2 seed and Dartmouth being the last at large. In any event, here is my projected Frozen Four this week:

Notre Dame, Boston College, North Dakota, Miami

last week: Miami, Boston College, North Dakota, Denver