Rick Comley Will Retire at the end of the Season


Michigan State head coach Rick Comley announced today that this year will be his last. This year is his 9th at the helm of Michigan State’s program and his 38th overall as a head coach of a D1 Hockey team. Comley won national titles at Northern Michigan and Michigan State, and is one of only two coaches to win a national title at two different schools.

Comley leaves a bit of a mixed legacy. He has 700 career wins, but under a .600 winning percentage (thanks to Chris Dilks for that tidbit). Also, Michigan State is currently in 10th in the CCHA and other than the 2007 national title team the Spartans haven’t been much of a threat nationally lately.

As for replacements, Michigan State alum Jeff Jackson is obviously the #1 target on their list, as Michigan State has said they will conduct a national search. But Jackson probably will stick at Notre Dame, given that MSU is a rebuilding project right now and the Irish are going to be playing in a new rink soon. Three people I could see given a shot are Alaska coach Dallas Ferguson, RIT coach Wayne Wilson and Miami assistant coach Brent Brekke, though I think it will be tough to pry the former two from their alma mater.