Good Weekend, Bad Weekend


quick editors note: the power rankings won’t be back until next week at the earliest (and probably two weeks from now) as I want to give time for the dust to settle a bit

Good Weekend:

Alaska-Anchorage: The Seawolves tied North Dakota 5-5, coming back from a 5-1 deficit to do so, and then beat Air Force at the Kendall Hockey Classic.

Jay Barribal: Minnesota’s captain had a hat trick on Saturday against UMass and added another goal and assist on Friday to boot. I imagine we will have more about him tomorrow (spoiler alert!).

Boston University: BU won the icebreaker, beating a good Wisconsin team and an (I think) overrated Notre Dame team. BU was the favorite to win the tourney, but a tournament win is a tournament win.

North Dakota: Although they tied Anchorage 5-5, they still nabbed a tournament win, coming back on Saturday to defeat Alaska 3-1 to take the Kendall Hockey Classic title

Michigan: Their opponent was only Bowling Green, but Red Berenson managed to grab his 700th and 701st career wins. Congrats to him

Kelly Zajac: On Friday the Union forward tied the NCAA record for goals in a game with 4 in a 9-0 win over Sacred Heart.

Bad Weekend

St. Cloud: The Huskies beat RIT on Friday, but then got crushed by a pretty poor Clarkson team 6-2 on Saturday. And for a change, Mike Lee was the replacement goalie rather than the one who got pulled.

Brad Eidsness: Speaking of poor goalie play, Eidsness gave up 5 goals on just 23 shots on Friday vs. Anchorage. He also had a gaffe that needs to be seen to be believed to give up one of those goals. Rough weekend for a guy a lot of people (including myself) thought would have Hobey aspirations.

No one else really had what could be called a bad weekend. Maine tied UConn, but outshot them by a bunch so you mostly have to chalk that up to luck. The rest of the teams who had horrible losses were mostly just bad teams.

Check back tomorrow for our team and player of the week.