Preseason Bracketology


The NCAA Tournament may be 5 months away, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post a ridiculously early version of Bracketology. This year’s bracket breaks down as follows:

West regional – St. Louis, Missouri (Host: CCHA)

Midwest regional – Green Bay, Wisconsin (Host: Michigan Tech)

Northeast regional – Manchester, New Hampshire (Host: UNH)

East regional – Bridgeport, Connecticut (Host: Yale)

Remember that a regional host, if they should make the NCAA tournament, HAS TO play in that regional. Let’s get started:

West Regional

1. Miami

4. Cornell

2. Maine

3. Alaska

Midwest Regional

1. North Dakota

4. RIT

2. St. Cloud State

3. Boston University

Northeast Regional

1. Boston College

4. Wisconsin

2. Michigan

3. New Hampshire


1. Minnesota-Duluth

4. Michigan State

2. Yale

3. Bemidji State

I don’t necessarily love it, but this is what I’m sticking with. I agonized the most over the 4th seeds obviously. I think Michigan State will be good enough in a down CCHA to make it, and I think Wisconsin’s youth will prove to be better than a lot of people think. Cornell was another tough one, but plenty of people out East that I respect think they will be good, so they get the nod as the last at-large team in. But I certainly wouldn’t be shocked to see a bunch of other teams in that spot.