Zach Franko Backs Out On Bemidji


The Bemidji Pioneer reports that Bemidji State recruit Zach Franko has backed out on his commitment to the school. The 17 year old from Winnipeg wasn’t slated to be on campus until next season, but after impressing the Kelowna Rockets at a tryout camp, he has decided to go to the WHL.

For some recruits going to the CHL is absolutely the right move. Zach Franko probably isn’t one of them. He’s listed at 5’10” and people who have seen him play multiple times say that’s stretching the truth a bit. Although smaller players have made greater breakthroughs in the NHL lately, being able to have an impactful career when a player is 5’10” is pretty rare. Franko would have likely been better served getting his college degree so he has something to fall back on, rather than getting no education in the WHL.