Before we get going, the usual disclaimers:

1. The Bracket is picked based on how I think the field will look when it is announced, NOT if it started today.

2. Intraconference matchups are avoided in the first round when possible

3. Attendance is taken into consideration.

4. Regional hosts must play in their regional.

Alright, let’s get to it.

St. Paul

1. Denver

2. Bemidji State

3. Northern Michigan

4. Alabama-Huntsville

Ft. Wayne

1. Miami

2. Cornell

3. Ferris State

4. RIT


1. Wisconsin

2. St. Cloud State

3. New Hampshire

4. Vermont


1. Boston College

2. North Dakota

3. Yale

4. Alaska

Originally I had New Hampshire as a 4 in Worcester, but then flipped them to a three since if everything works out the way I predict they will be tied with Alaska in the PWR and I wanted to avoid an all Hockey East first round matchup. Then I flipped them with Yale to avoid a UNH-UND first round rematch. All in all, I think it worked out fairly well.

My predicted Frozen Four this week: 1. Denver, 2. Cornell, 1. Wisconsin, 2. North Dakota