Before we get started, the usual reminders:

1. This bracket is based on how I think it will look in a couple weeks when it is announced, NOT how it would be if the season ended today.

2. Efforts are made to protect the top seed

3. Attendance is taken into consideration

4. Efforts are made to avoid intraconference matchups in the first round.

St. Paul

1. Denver

2. Bemidji State

3. Alaska

4. RIT

Ft. Wayne

1. Miami

2. North Dakota

3. Michigan State

4. Vermont


1. Wisconsin

2. Yale

3. New Hampshire

4. Northern Michigan


1. Boston College

2. St. Cloud State

3. Cornell

4. Ferris State

If this were to be the bracket, my projected Frozen Four would be: Denver, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Cornell.