Frattin Reinstated


After being charged with a DUI earlier this year, North Dakota’s Matt Frattin was reinstated yesterday, and in fact coach Dave Hakstol said there is a good chance Frattin will be in the lineup for the Sioux when they take on Niagara.

Hakstol had this to say in the Grand Forks Herald in reference to Frattin’s return:

"“I’m really impressed with the way Matt has handled everything right from Day One. He had other options. He probably chose the most difficult path in deciding to return to the University of North Dakota. He decided to do whatever it took.”"

On the one hand, I have no reason to doubt that Frattin did a ton of work on the side, keeping his body in shape to play division one hockey, as well as undoubtedly doing the necessary work off the ice to improve his standing within the community (although he did take the semester off school and went home).

On the other hand, however, the skeptic in me can’t get passed the fact that Darcy Zajac is out, and the Sioux need a forward. Enter Frattin who, for whatever his other faults might be, is a tremendously talented hockey player. I am all for second chances, but when you factor in the lawnmower situation this is actually Frattin’s third chance. I don’t know how comfortable I am with sacrificing ethics to win some hockey games. I think it sends a message to recruits that North Dakota will let people get away with more than other programs (whether or not that is a fair stigma). While that might not be the worst thing for recruits, it certainly is for their parents.

Still, I have no idea what goes on inside the North Dakota lockerroom. I don’t know what happened beyond what has been reported in the Grand Forks Herald and other media outlets. I’m uncomfortable making any judgments based on that alone. So basically what I’m trying to say here is: I have no idea.

What do you all think?