TCHB Power Rankings


1. Denver (8-3-1) (6-1-1) Up 2

Marc Cheverie had 58 saves over the weekend, his first series since coming back from getting slashed in the leg with a skate.

2. Miami (9-1-4) (6-1-3) Down 1

Miami fell through no fault of their own; Denver was just that good.

3. North Dakota (7-4-1) (5-4-1) Down 1

The Sioux have dates with Miami and Ohio State this weekend in their Thanksgiving tournament. Chay Genoway probably won’t be back.

4. UMass-Lowell (8-2-1) (4-1-1) Up 1

Lowell has the 7th best power play in the country. One of their weekend opponents, Maine, is the 3rd most penalized team in Hockey East.

5. Cornell (5-2-0) (4-2-0) Down 1

The marquee matchup this weekend is Cornell vs. BU at Madison Square Garden

6. Colorado College (9-2-1) (6-1-1) Up 6

When you sweep, and the teams around you lose, you move up a lot. CC currently has a 5 game unbeaten streak, 5th longest in the country.

7. Bemidji State (10-1-1) (6-0-0) Up 2

Because of their weak schedule, Bemidji is a good bet to lead the country in victories. If you’re into gambling that is.

8. Yale (3-2-2) (2-1-2) Down 2

Not so special: Yale is 43rd nationally in power play and 37th on the penalty kill.

9. Michigan State (9-3-2) (6-2-2) Down 2

Quick: raise your hand if you thought MSU would be favored against both Minnesota and Wisconsin this weekend.

10. Quninnipiac (10-1-0) (6-0-0) Up 3

The Bobcats have the nation’s best winning percentage (.909)

11. Alaska (8-3-1) (5-3-0) Down 2

No dropoff with the loss of Chad Johnson, as Alaska is 5th nationally in scoring defense.

12. UMass (8-2-0) (4-2-0) Newbies

Umass is the 8th best scoring team in the country at 3.7 gpg

13. Notre Dame (6-5-3) (3-2-3) Up 2

The Irish and Spartans got a pretty good draw to Fort Wayne this weekend. Looks like the regional will be a success.

14. Vermont (4-4-1) (3-3-1) Up 2

15. Minnesota-Duluth (9-4-1) (6-3-1) Newbies

After not being able to throw it in the ocean last year, Duluth has 2 of the top 9 scorers in the country.

16. Nebraska-Omaha (5-4-3) (2-4-2) Down 8

The Mavs are currently on a 1-4-1 streak

Dropped out: Michigan, Princeton

Teams by Conference: CCHA 5, WCHA 4, ECAC Hockey 3, Hockey East 3, CHA 1