TCHB Power Rankings: More Miami


1. Miami (8-1-1) (5-1-0) No Change

Dear Miami: Please lose as I am running out of pictures of you. Thanks. Also, Miami is the first team to sweep at Yost in over 8 years.

2. North Dakota (6-1-1) (4-1-1) No Change

North Dakota didn’t get their 4th win last year until November 15th.

3. Cornell (3-0-0) (2-0-0) Up 1

The defense hasn’t clicked yet, but at 4.67 goals per game, would you believe Cornell is the highest scoring team in the nation?

4. Denver (6-3-1) (4-1-1) Down 1

The loss of Marc Cheverie is killing Denver. They have fallen to a tie for 30th in defense in his absence.

5. Notre Dame (5-4-1) (2-1-1) Up 1

Notre Dame is 17th nationally in scoring margin, far too low for a team with that talent.

6. UMass-Lowell (5-2-1) (3-1-1) Up 4

Lowell is the 8th least penalized team in college hockey.

7. Michigan (4-4-0) (2-2-0) Down 2

Think about how bad it would have been if Miami hadn’t been 2 for 15 on the power play this weekend.

8. Bemidji State (7-0-1) (4-0-0) Up 4

They haven’t played anybody yet, but you can only beat the teams on your schedule.

9. Alaska (6-1-1) (3-1-0) No Change

Alaska goes to the lower 48 for the first time all season this weekend.

10. Nebraska-Omaha (4-1-3) (1-1-2) Down 2

Rich Purslow is tied for 5th in the CCHA with 5 goals.

11. Vermont (3-3-1) (2-2-1) Up 2

Senior Brayden Irwin is tied for 9th in Hockey East in ppg.

12. Yale (1-1-1) (0-1-1) Down 5

13 goals combined in 2 games this weekend? Maybe ECAC Hockey is getting offensive after all.

13. UMass (6-1-0) (3-1-0) Up 3

UMass hasn’t played anybody either, but unlike Bemidji State they have some tough teams coming up on the schedule.

14. Princeton (2-2-0) (1-1-0) No Change

Princeton has allowed 11 goals in 4 games. I didn’t see that coming from Zane Kalemba (and Alan Reynolds)

15. Michigan State (7-2-1) (4-1-1) Newbies

Western College Hockey Blog alluded to this last week, but if Corey Tropp keeps it up, we have a Nathan Gerbe X1000 situation going on.

16. Minnesota-Duluth (6-3-1) (3-2-1) Newbies

Duluth, CC, Wisconsin and Boston College all could have nabbed this spot.

Dropped out: Boston U, Wisconsin

Teams By Conference: CCHA 6, Hockey East 3, WCHA 3, ECAC Hockey 3, CHA 1