Required Weekend Reading


Exhibitions start this weekend, let’s see how everyone is prepping for the start of another college hockey season.

Minor programming note: My preseason #2 and #1 teams will run sometime next week, although by now I’m sure everyone knows who they are. Link time!

INCH ranks every team in the nation. (INCH)

A bit old, but a DU blog called out a UND blog for being sexist. You might as well call out the sky for being blue. (Lets Go DU)

Here is said rant. To be fair, it’s probably the most coherent thing this guy has ever written. (Sioux Yeah Yeah)

A tribute to the greatest country in the world. Still love the banner. (Runnin With The Dogs)

Dan Meyers explains his WCHA ballot and all-league team. (This Is The WCHA)

The one thing the Grand Forks Herald does well every year comes out today. (Schlossman)

I get on Sarah from Oh It’s THOSE Girls about being lazy, but she has nothing on this blog. (Tech Hockey Blog)

Who else feels that this blog should explain the Nanooks video? (Nanooks Hockey Blog)

Not a fan of no Badgers on the INCH All-America teams. My thoughts? Meh. (60 Mins. No Alibis. No Regrets)

That’s all I got. Have a good weekend, everyone.