CCHA Goes To Three Points Per Game


The CCHA has announced that they will award three points per regulation or overtime win this season. A shootout win will be worth two points, while a shootout loss will be worth one point. The CCHA is the only league to have a shootout.

“We also feel this will give teams an added incentive to win a game in regulation time or overtime because they will gain the maximum number of points for doing so.” Said CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos. The CCHA will not decide playoff games via the shootout, with the exception of the 3rd place game.

I still am not in favor of the shootout, as a one on one contest doesn’t seem like the best way to settle a tie, but this is a better solution than they had last year. There are even more points injected into a 30ish game schedule, but having each game be worth three points at least makes it so that a shootout win doesn’t get the same credit as a 5-0 regulation win.