Required Weekend Reading


First, as I did over on Twinkie Talk, apologies for the sporadic posting. School has been ridonkulous the past week or two, but I’ll soon be back to normal. And hey, soon there will be actual hockey to write about so that’s nice. LINKS!

Why the Sharks shouldn’t be happy about getting former Badger Dany Heatley. (Hockey Numbers)

What is the value of a wide open shot? (Puck Prospectus)

Who are the top scorers in the NHL on rebounds? (Behind The Net)

A Mellon tribute (Pensblog)

UMass goalie Dan Meyers got arrested. (Fear The Triangle)

Way too much Islanders talk. (Gross Misconduct)

Great Website. Everyone go and help save UAH Hockey.

Michigan names the brother of captain Chris Summers their 3rd goalie. (Blog That Yost Built)