Required Weekend Reading


Every week (usually Friday) we’ll have a link roundup here at TCHB getting you caught up on the best blog posts around the web. Not all will be hockey related. If you would like to suggest a link, e-mail me. My address can be found on the About page.

Introducing the 2009-10 Alaska-Anchorage Freshman class (UAA Fan Blog)

A lot of unnecessary typing about Dany Heatley. Blame ESPN. (60 mins. No alibis. No regrets.)

There’s yet another Carle brother who is good at hockey. (Let’s Go DU)

Absolute hilarity. (Stupid Sports Blog)

The Penguins are awesome. (Pens Labyrinth)

Sparty and Friends has a podcast. They freaking better invite me on sometime. (Sparty and Friends)

Some NFL picks. (Souvenir City)

If you’re a Miami fan, help pick their all-ime team. (The Brotherhood: Miami Hockey)