Hobey Candidates Announced


They can be found here

My thoughts…

3 Goalies. Johnson, Kalemba and Thiessen have all been fantastic. Kalemba has the best numbers, Thiessen plays for the best team, but it was Johnson that led a team with 1, yes you read that correctly, 1 10 goal scorer to a top 4 CCHA finish.

WCHA only gets one candidate. I would have thought Ryan Stoa would get in the top 10 as well when you look at the type of season he has had.

Jacques Lamoureux, in my mind, deserves to be a Hobey hat trick finalist. Especially when you add in the personal problems he’s overcome.

Colin Wilson doesn’t have the best stats, but I think he’s the best player in the country.

Love seeing David McIntyre in there. Colgate was under .500, but McIntyre had 43 points, which is a 4th of the teams total, and had a +/- of +18. For an under .500 team. Unbelievable.

I’ll have more thoughts on the Hobey as we near the announcement of the winner, and starting Monday I’ll finish the conference awards.