Bracket, Week Four


This week’s bracket was a mess to figure out. There were quite a few teams that were nearly impossible to figure out where they stand even right now, much less trying to project them a month away (looking at you Vermont and Cornell). But we did our best.

For your new readers, and a refresher for you old ones, our bracket is based off what we think the bracket will look like when it is announced, not how we think it shakes out at this moment. And we also do not base our bracket based on the regionalization issue that has yet to be resolved.


1. Michigan vs. 4. Minnesota

2. Denver vs. 3. North Dakota

Grand Rapids

1. Notre Dame vs. 4. Air Force

2. Cornell vs. 3. Miami


1. Boston University vs. 4. Niagara

2. Yale vs. 3. Princeton


1. Vermont vs. 4. Minnesota-Duluth

2. Northeastern vs. 3. Ohio State

Thoughts: Once again the Minneapolis region is the toughest. For as much as the Gophers have struggled, that region has something no other does: 4 teams who can win the national title. The Gophers having home ice also helps them out tremendously. I don’t really like throwing 3 WCHA teams in one bracket, but that was where they happened to work out the best. And I had to make a really tough decision taking Minnesota-Duluth over New Hampshire, but New Hampshire has been outscored on the season, so they are on very thin ice right now.

Our projected Frozen Four this week: Michigan, Notre Dame, Yale, Northeastern