Weekly Rankings


As you’ve noticed we’ve had some technical difficulties recently. I’m not a computer whiz, but I’m doing my best to get them all worked out.

I was debating whether or not I should run these rankings this morning, or yesterday even though I was going to have BU at #1 regardless. The Terriers rewarded me with a 5-2 thumping of Northeastern and their 29th Beanpot title.

1. BU (22-5-1) (13-5-1) Up 1

2. Notre Dame (21-5-3) (15-4-3) Down 1

The Irish could be without Christian Hanson and Ryan Thang next weekend.

3. Vermont (16-6-4) (11-5-3) No Change

The Catamounts, with two games vs. Merrimack this weekend, could be here for awhile.

4. Michigan (21-9-0) (15-7-0) Up 2

I wonder what the record for most games without a tie is. Research-get on it.

5. Northeastern (19-7-2) (14-4-1) No Change

Although they lost 5-2 last night, the Huskies are still a great team.

6. Denver (17-9-3) (13-7-2) Down 2

7. Princeton (17-6-0) (11-5-0) Up 2

Princeton paid Cornell back for their season opening loss, and did so in spectacular fashion, scoring twice in the final minute.

8. Miami (16-8-4) (14-5-3) No Change

9. Yale (17-5-1) (12-3-1) Up 5

Yes, Yale is this good. The Bulldogs are in first in ECAC Hockey and clinched their first outright Ivy title since 2002.

10. North Dakota (16-11-3) (11-6-3) Up 1

11. Cornell (15-4-4) (10-3-3) Down 4

Their record doesn’t look too bad, but their offense at just 2.43 gpg (42nd nationally) does.

12. Wisconsin (16-11-3) (13-7-2) ——

13. Ohio State (18-9-3) (11-8-3) Down 1

The Buckeyes are in line for a weekend off in the CCHA playoffs.

14. Boston College (13-9-4) (8-7-4) Down 4

Last year, BC used a Beanpot win over Harvard to slingshot their way to a national title. Could history repeat itself?

15. UNH (13-9-4) (9-7-3) No Change

The Wildcats lost Saturday to Maine in Manchester. They hope it’s their last loss there this year.

16. Minnesota (12-9-5) (9-8-3) Down 3

Just can’t quit them: The Gophers, once #1 in our rankings, could miss home ice in the WCHA playoffs.

Dropped out: Colorado College

Maybe next week: Minnesota-Duluth

Teams by conference: Hockey East 5, WCHA 4, CCHA 4, ECAC 3