Toronto Maple Leafs: Top 3 Propsects

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The Toronto Maple Leafs were a team that struggled to find their identity this season. They became a team near the top of the NHL and Eastern Conference who defied all analytics and one many a game they should have lost. Eventually their play caught up to them and they went of the cliff with the 18-wheeler faster than you can say playoffs. Now the Leafs have a pretty solid draft place for this season. I guess that final stretch post Olympics to the end is important eh?

Anyways, we sat down with the great people at Editor in Leaf to talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs top 3 prospects in their system. While these three might not be the flashiest of names, they are likely the closest to cracking the Toronto Maple Leafs roster.

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  • cjhowardo

    This article reveals 1 major fact… WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!!! If Holland is our best prospect, the cupboard is pretty bare. UGH… At least we have Davey Clarkson for the rest of eternity.

    • wileyvet

      It’s a pitiful as you assess there brother. The cupboard is barren, although I like Granberg. Remember the idiots in management decided to draft a 3rd line center with our 1st round pick. Lord knows what lunacy they’ll come up with for this years draft. Maybe a 3rd line winger.

      • D.WAdair

        F.O whinner

        • wileyvet

          Butt kissing moron

    • Jeffrey Langridge

      The Leafs scouts pick safe players rather than take players that have a higher risk factor to them. As an editor at Editor In Leaf, these three players have shown the most potential on the Marlies (and with the Leafs in Holland’s case). The Leafs have other quality prospects such as Connor Brown, Matt Finn, Andreas Johnson and Carter Verhaeghe, but they all require lots of development.

      And remember, these three players are part of another playoff run by the Toronto Marlies, so they are gaining playoff experience. It might not be NHL, but we’ve seen what players that have had long roads through the AHL playoffs do with their NHL team.

  • D.WAdair

    Leafs scouts did a great job as there is a lot of good players coming up the vine. Shanny will take his time and judge them very carefully. Leafs don’t need to much to bring them up to par with a lot of teams in their conference. Holland will be a great addition if Bolland is not signed. D;Amago is another player that is ready and a waiting.

  • jimithy

    It cannot be forgotten that in order for the Leafs to remain a weak uncompetitive team these changes had to be made. Top management will make sure of that. What do you think we’re paying them so much money for? So far so good.